The transport service, optional and a separate transport fee is
charged for this facility.
Rules Governing Transport Facility:
1. Students availing the transport facility will be provided with a bus pass.
2. Any change in bus timings will be notified to the parent by the transport
3. The transport Department reserves the right to allot the bus stops. Students
will have to board and alight the school bus at the respective spots allotted to
them only.
4. Students, while travelling on the bus must maintain discipline. Any student
guilty of misconduct, will not be allowed to further avail the transport facility.
5. No transport facility shall be available for other purposes.
6. Students who wish to discontinue the service of the bus may do so. To
discontinue the service, the month should be mentioned to the transport
department via an application, and on approval, all dues of the transport
should be cleared till the month it has been availed of.
7. If any physical damage is caused within the bus, by a student, the expenses to
repair the damage would be borne by the parents.
8. Besides the students and permitted staff no one else is to avail the transport.
9. Transport fees shall be charged for the whole month including the holidays .
[During summer vacation 50 percent shall be charged]