Curricular Activity: Janet Academy provides a plethora of curricular activities for achieving
the purpose of all-round development of each pupil individually.

Classroom Activities: These are related to instruction work in different subjects such as classroom
experiments, discussions, question-answers, scientific observations, use of audio-visual aids,
guidance programs, examination and evaluation work, follow-up sessions etc. There are several
activities which a teacher performs in a classroom. Janet Academy adopts proper initiatives which
ensures complete measures to have enriching classroom sessions which, in turn, are sure to widen
the horizons of the pupils. A classroom is a learning space where teachers and students interact for
the purpose of teaching and learning. Here, at Janet Academy, teachers have pledged their singular
devotion for the enrichment of each classroom session. The classroom endeavors of the teachers
cease to be unidirectional in approach. Not only mainstream classroom sessions, but also other
classroom activities are given equal importance. Activities such as lesson follow-up sessions,
practical experiments in Laboratories, use of ICT and multimedia, analysis and synthesis of scientific
observations are not left unattended

: The different types of co-curricular activities in school are chosen to develop an
overall personality of a student. Selection of the right kind of co-curricular activities
at school can polish the child’s skill and keep him engaged.
Co-Curricular activities help a student concentrate more in the classroom and teach
them valuable lessons. Children should engage in at least two co-curricular activities
to utilize their energy completely and explore their talents.
For this, Janet Academy offers to create the right mix of co-curricular events and
activities that will stimulate the child’s mind and body, both. These activities are
mandatory and necessary for every student to participate in. These activities are
structured and balanced with =scholastic educational/ academic curriculum so that
every student gets the opportunity to learn beyond studies.