Location and Campus

Away from the turmoil of urban lives stands a amethyst in the lap of beautiful nature, JANET ACADEMY vision comes true for any individual seeking for a match less and an ideal environment for nurturing and excelling tender young minds in tune with the nature. The couple Mr. M. Gupta and Mrs. Janet Gupta, well honoured ambidextrous educationists practising amelioration to educate tender hearts for decades has founded the institution you can alma mater in April 2009 at Hesalong at a distant of 2.5 km North-East McCluskiegunj E/Rly station and 5 km west from the Khalari E/Rly station having a concrete road leading to the instution very conveniently. School buildings accommodate classrooms (size), library, computer lab, well furnished Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics laboratories, common room including a crystal cut privy.

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